Children dentistry

We tailor our approach to our younger patients, to take into account their anxiety when they come to visit us. We really understand their apprehension: afer all, some of us were also a little bit nervous before going to the dentist when we were younger...

During each of their regular visit, we check the good health of primary teeth, we make sure they grow in a way to allow adult teeth to be well positionned and with enough room to grow. We explain daily dental care technics to the little ones... and to their grown up siblings as well, when it is necessary!

Whenever possible, we use laser detection and microdentistry to identify and treat dental cavities at an early stage of development. When a filling is necessary, we only use composite materials that do not contain mercury and moreover don't necessitate as much tooth preparation (drilling) than traditional (silver) amalgams, thus allowing the tooth to remain stronger.