Endodontics (root canal treatments)

Endodontics regroup the treatments of the tooth's pulp: among others, the well known root canal treatment. This type of procedure, when it is done in time, can significantly enhance the lifespan of a tooth otherwise in good condition but whose pulp has gone sick. When treated early enough, one can avoid bigger treatments at a later stage, such as implants.

This is the reason why we ask that you contact us as soon as possible when a tooth becomes sensitive to warm, cold, sweet or chewing. These are early signs of problems (such as cavities) that should also be mentioned to your hygienist or your dentist when you come for your regular check-up and cleaning visit.

Don't hesitate also to call us if these signs appear in between your regular checkups, the sooner we find out what the problem is, the more chances we have to save your tooth!